with a strategically integrated team of real estate and legal professionals, birch capital draws on its expertise in the underwriting, financing and acquisition of commercial real estate to seek out superior and sensible investment opportunities for our clients.

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tradepoint atlantic is positioned to be one of north america’s premier industrial gateways, driving the flow of commerce between the us and global markets through unmatched access to land, rail and sea.? the 3,100 acre site of a former bethlehem steel mill, at the entrance to the port of baltimore, is being redeveloped into a global logistics, manufacturing and distribution center, with up to 15 million square feet of facilities.

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located at the western gateway to the fenway, pierce boston is a mixed-use tower containing 109 condominiums, 240 rental units and over 20,000 square feet of street-level retail space. birch capital has secured an eb-5 loan to assist in financing pierce boston.? the project is a joint venture development of samuels & associates of boston and landsea holdings corporation, one of china’s premier residential developers.

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  • birch capital, in affiliation with the immigration law firm of leaf & associates, provided a secured loan to an affiliate of wexford science & technology for the development of r&d building 1 at the university of miami life science & technology park, miami, florida.? the building was subsequently sold and investors in the project were repaid their investment in full.

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    birch capital specializes in both domestic real estate investment and in the eb-5 investor program.? birch can provide sound investment opportunities for both conventional domestic investors and for foreign nationals seeking to obtain legal u.s. residency.

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